Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

We know that the thought of bed bugs in your home can leave you panicked and wanting to throw out everything that you own. The little creepy crawlies that can hide everywhere and wait to drink your blood. Your anxiety is high and you wanna rip up your carpet if it would help get them gone. In fact, so much has been invested in to the discovery of bed bugs because of how much stress they can cause. Bed Bug sniffing dogs even, who knew?
The only sure fire way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator. But maybe you would like to take some steps to mitigate them until help arrives. There are chemicals and sprays and powders and even bed bug traps. The latter being what we are here to talk about. But do bed bug traps work?

What Is A Bed Bug Trap?

There are several different kinds of bed bug traps. Passive Traps and Active Traps.
Passive Traps: The most common being a sticky glue board designed to hold them on it once they touch it. It is a small piece of cardboard with a special adhesive much like you would see for roaches or spiders. A bed bug will make there way onto the board where they will be stuck and waiting for you to dispose of them. All these traps really do is stop bed bugs from reaching their destination. There is nothing there to repel them. Which what active traps do.
Active Traps: These types of traps usually emit pheromones or carbon dioxide to lure bed bugs in. Once inside they cannot escape due to the high walls of the trap. They will be waiting for you to dispose of them just like in the passive traps.

Traps Are Not Meant To Be A Long Term Solution

While traps might help you start to make a dent in the population of bed bugs in your home, they are not built to completely eradicate bed bugs. Bed bugs can reproduce rapidly and will continue to do so until you kill all of them and their eggs. Luckily there is a guaranteed way to wipe out entire infestations. That is to use commercial heaters from a professional bed bug extermination company. Kansas Bed Bugs can help you solve your bed bug problem. Call us today or send us a message and we will get started helping you kill bed bugs wherever they may hide now so that you can rest easy.