Safest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very common pests that cause a lot of damage. From the bites they leave to the stress and anxiety about having to get rid of them. There is one very easy and safe way to get rid of bed bugs, and several other methods that are not so safe or even effective. Let’s look at some of those methods and follow up with the best solution you can get.

Bed Bug Sprays

You can walk into just about any department store and pick up a bed bug spray or repellant. These are applied to the affected areas of your home like mattresses and furniture. Bed bug sprays and repellants are not always effective at removing bed bugs. That is because they will hide in places you cannot see. Often the infestation is far beyond the reach of a spray, inside walls and vents. While it might burb your problem, it will not get rid of all the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Traps

We covered bed bug traps in a previous article. These sticky glue boards are designed to trap bed bugs on the adhesive surface as they pass over so that you may discard them. These are also not a very effective method of removing all of the bed bugs in your home. Because of the quickness that bed bugs can reproduce and how long they can go without a meal, infestations spread rapidly and you will need to kill bed bugs AND their eggs.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Using heat is the only sure fire way to get rid of bed bugs. Heat will penetrate every surface in your home or business and will kill bed bugs and their eggs wherever they may hide. It is the safest bed bug extermination process as it does not leave any harsh chemicals behind that may hurt your family or pets. Heat dissipates in a matter of hours leaving your home the way you left it and completely bed bug free.

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