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Kansas Bed Bugs can provide you with different customized treatment plans to eliminate bed bugs in your home. Our bed bug spray treatments will efectively eliminate bed bugs, their eggs, and nymphs. It is importnat to treat for bed bugs in every stage as young bed bugs and their eggs may survive other treatments and reinfest your home. 

In addition to our high heat treatment, we also offer spray treatments that are applied in stages. These applications are performed in two to four treatments over the course of two months. The repeat treatments will help exterminate bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. 

Our professional bed bug exterminators will examine every room in your house and come up with the best treatment option for you to elimante them all based on the size of the infestation. 



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Bed bug infestations are never the same. You can have a wide spread problem, or just a few bugs. Each infestation can require a different method to provide control. Our bed bug exterminators will perform a complete inspection of your home to determine the size of the infestation and provide you with the best treatment option. Because we are trained to find bed bugs in all stages, a custom removal solution is given based on your unique needs. 

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What Are The Signs Of Bed Bugs?

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Actually putting eyes on a bed bug is not the best method of determining an infestation. Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that come out to feed when you are sleeping or resting. While bites on your skin are a good sign of a problem, not everyone has a reaction to bed bug bites. The signs you would want to look out for would be bed bug eggs, shed bed bug skin, fecal droppings on mattresses and furniture, and blood stains on pajamas or bed sheets. If you notie any of these signs, you will want to call Kansas Bed Bugs immediately. 

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Are There DIY Options?

Getting rid of bed bugs yourself is very difficult to do. Not only do they hide extermely well, but they are often immune to many treatments and chemicals, and can hide for up to a year without a meal and still survive. In order to kill them all, you need to know where they are hiding. Failed attempts to control them can actually lead to the infestation growing. The most effective way to eliminate them, is to enlist the help of a professional. Kansas Bed Bugs professional exterminators are trained to find and kill bed bugs wherever they are through the use of our heat and bed bug spray treatments. 

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What Should I Expect From My Bed Bug Spray Treatment?

The Day of Your Kansas Bed Bug Home Spray Treatment

Once our bed bug professionals arrive at your home, they will perform a thorough inspection of every room. The first spray is applied, and there is no need for you to throw out any of your belongings due to the infestation. After every room has been treated, we will schedule subsequent follow up treatments with you according to the extermination plan we have come up with. This will make sure that all bed bugs are killed and allow us to continue to inspect and make sure the problem has been solved after the treatments. 

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When you utilize a combination of our bed bug spray treatments and our heat treatment, we will offer a one year warranty. Meaning if the bed bugs do happen to return within 12 months, we will treat them again at no additional cost to you. 

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We are proud to be the best bed bug exterminator in Wichita, Kansas. Providing you with the best bed bug extermination service available. We use the best equipment on the market coupled with modern industry standards to provide you the best bed bug elimination.



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