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Five Easy Steps to Peace of Mind

No Need to Panic! Getting Rid of Bed Bugs is Easier and Safer Than You Think.

Kansas Bed Bugs, LLC | A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Finding bed bugs in your home can be traumatic. First, theres no need to start throwing things away. There is a solution! Because our process is simple, safe and eco-friendly, you will find results sooner. With Kansas Bed Bugs, we can help you find relief from the nightmare of having bed bugs. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, treating bed bugs can be done quickly and easily.

Most often, bed bug removal with professional heat treatment is a one-time, one-day appointment. On the day of treatment, we’re in and out of your home as quickly as possible. Our only goal is the discrete removal of all bed bugs from your home.

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1. Call

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Before doing anything, call your Kansas bed bug extermination experts (or get started online). Having bed bugs invade your home can be devastating but you don’t have to handle it alone. Kansas Bed Bugs provides friendly customer service and expert knowledge to guide you through the entire process. Call Kansas Bed Bugs, LLC as soon as you discover a problem.

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2. Schedule

Professional Kansas Bed Bug Removal

Scheduling your appointment is easy. Just give Kansas Bed Bugs a call and we will set up a convenient time that works for you and prepare you for the process. Setting an appointment as soon as possible is critical to making sure the problem does not continue to spread. Our friendly staff will make this part of the process as easy and painless as possible for you.

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3. Prepare

Getting Your Kansas Home Ready For Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment

First, we will begin with a free inspection to assess the infestation and provide you with a treatment preparation check list. You will want to remove any items from your home that may be damaged by high heat. Some of these items include, but are not limited to: candles/waxes, aerosol products, electronics, plants and pets. You will also need to be sure to pick up and sort through cluttered areas such as laundry baskets, under furniture, closets and cabinets.

Last, you should make sure floors are swept and vacuumed. A more comprehensive list will ensure you are fully prepared. Therefore also ensuring your heat treatment will be as effective as possible.

Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment

4. Destroy

The Day of Your Kansas Bed Bug Home Heat Treatment

Finally, it’s treatment day! The bed bug extermination process can take several hours to complete so make sure you plan ahead and be out of the home during treatment. We will then set up a one million btu heater that pumps air in at around 6,000 cfu and 260°. We will also place fans around your home to circulate the heat at a rate of 4,000 cfu. This combination will heat your home to between 130°-150°. Your home will need to maintain these temperatures for several hours to make sure all living bed bugs and their eggs are killed.

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Kansas Bed Bug Removal

5. Relax

Return to a Bed Bug Free Home

Since your home was heated to extreme temperatures, it may take a couple hours for your home to return to safe temperatures. Your Kansas Bed Bug technician will be sure to inform you of when it will be safe to return home.

It will be normal for a couple days to find dead bugs around your home that can be vacuumed up normally. Immediately after treatment, you can return any removed items. All that’s left is to relax and enjoy your bed bug free home. 

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