Kansas Bed Bugs, LLC. Preparation Checklist

Proper preparation is essential for an effective treatment. The hot air must be able to flow freely and penetrate all surfaces in your home. Clutter hinders this process which is why it is crucial to take the necessary steps in order for the treatment to be successful.


  • All pets, birds, fish tanks, snakes, etc.
  • House Plants. If weather permits, place them outside
  • All candles, waxes, crayons, cosmetics, etc.
  • All aerosol products – hair spray, paint, room fresheners, etc.
  • All trash. It must be emptied and taken out.
  • Medications. Take what you need with you and the rest can be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Photos, vinyl records, etc. that may be damaged by prolonged exposure to heat.
  • Fire arms and ammunition.

Clean and Sort:

  • All floors must be clean and vacuumed.
  • All clothes must be either hung up or folded neatly with no more than two loosely packed laundry baskets.
  • All plastic blinds must be all the way up. The heat can warp them and make them no longer usable.
  • All electronics must be turned OFF or unplugged.
  • All clutter must be removed from under beds and furniture. This is where they like to hide and must be clear for proper air circulation.
  • Dresser drawers must be loosely packed.


  • Medications. Take what you need with you and the rest can be stored in the refrigerator. 
  • Food. Anything that might melt or spoil, such as chocolate, fresh fruit and vegetables, carbonated beverages, etc. can also be placed in the refrigerator. 

This is a good starting point but please feel free to take any additional precautions to protect your personal belongings. Check manufacturer specifications for electronics to verify safe heat temperatures to prevent damage. Please keep in mind that Kansas Bed Bug technicians will be entering your closet and possibly need to open drawers in your home. If there are items you do not wish them to find, please make sure and remove them prior to treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kansas Bed Bugs at 316-448-1187.

Kansas Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Checklist