Bed Bug Treatment Cost

Getting rid of bed bugs is a very specialized form of extermination. Unlike any other house pest, bed bugs are very resilient. Not only can they hide better than other insects, they can live longer without food. These little critters can also adapt to chemical treatments, making killing them a daunting task.
The specialized equipment and heaters that go into this are very expensive. They are build to heat up your home over 130 degrees, and maintain that temperature for hours on end. They do this all without causing any sort of heat damage to anything in your house. Not an easy job to do.

These Things Take Time

If you were just trying to get rid of roaches or mice, a pest control company may only need to spend 20-30 minutes in your home. Setting traps and spraying harmful chemicals is a quick and easy job. It’s not the same with bed bugs.
Your entire home has to be prepared. Certain items need put away where the heat cannot damage them. Other items need to be opened up to allow the heat to fully penetrate them. There is a full checklist for preparing your home for a bed bug treatment. And this gives a little insight to the real bed bug treatment cost.

So Why Use Heat?

As soon you put a chemical out, bed bugs will run. They will find somewhere new to hide, but they will not go away. Sitting and waiting until they have developed an immunity to the chemicals, they will create a whole new infestation. And chemicals won’t do anything to kill the eggs. The only way to make sure you got them all is with heat.
Bed bugs cannot run from heat. Oh, they will try. But heat is everywhere and they cannot survive it, nor can their eggs. By heating your entire home up, you get them all no matter where they go. Ensuring that every last one of them is dead.
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