The War On Bed Bugs

Information regarding the elimination of bed bugs seems to be everywhere. There is a lot of misinformation and myths out there as well regarding the war on bed bugs. The truth is, they are very secretive insects. Trying to battle them with traditional chemical treatments very rarely works. In order to kill bed bugs with chemicals, long exposure time to the chemicals is required. These little creatures can sense chemical treatments and avoid them. However, this is the exact reason that infestations go on for so long. Rather than report an infestation and hire a bed bug exterminator, people will spread chemicals around and hope with time that the bed bugs will die. This is not the case.

Controlling The Bed Bug Population

Because bed bugs can sense and avoid these chemical treatments, they adapt and become immune to them. While a treatment today may kill some of them, it will not be the case forever. And these chemicals are not only harmful to the insects, but to humans as well. When you apply them, the infestation merely finds a new place to set up. And there are more cracks and crevices in a home than any one person can get to. This is why using heat to kill bed bugs is the only proven method to work.

How Heat Is The Best Treatment

As bed bugs adapt to chemicals, their bodies can not adapt to extreme temperatures. Where pesticides cannot get, heat can. Anything above 130 degrees and bed bugs are toast. By using commercial grade heaters to raise the temperature of a structure and hold it there for a few hours, there is no where to run. This heat will penetrate every wall and surface. This means not only killing bed bugs, but their eggs too. Bringing the war on bed bugs to an end.

Call A Professional Wichita Bed Bug Exterminator

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