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Bed Bugs Thrive during Winter

Certainly, bed bugs are most active in summer. However, they are able to survive even harsh winters. You may be wondering, how do they do that? Like most insects, bed bugs are vulnerable to temperature extremes. Nevertheless, bed bugs are relatively unaffected because they exist in homes heated for comfort. Sometimes bed bugs thrive during winter.

Bed Bugs Can’t Survive Extreme Temperatures

Bed bugs do not survive extreme temperatures. Yet, protected by structural heat they prosper in winter. Like fattened relatives around the Holiday Season, bed bugs are a little slower in winter but all too happy to hang around the house. Similar to unwanted house guests, bed bugs do not leave without a little encouragement.

Hibernation is not something that bed beds do. Simply put, if bed bugs do not find a warm place for the winter, they will not survive. Bed bugs do not endure winter outdoors. Most importantly, we know that they must hide somewhere in the house. So, we know where to look for them in winter. Inevitably, we find them in heated areas. In winter, bed bugs rely on home heat sources in order to survive.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found in Winter?

As usual, bed bugs are seeking warmth and food. Accordingly, bed bugs hide in mattresses and furniture in winter. Additionally, they hide in baseboards. Similarly, they conceal themselves in cracks and holes.

Do a quick inspection of the warm nooks and crannies of your home. Pay close attention to bedding. Look for the signs of infestation or have a professional check for you. Clearly, early detection is essential. Bed bugs can thrive in even the cleanest environment. If you find bed bugs in your home, contact Kansas Bed Bugs and we will remove them with our proven heat elimination treatment.