Heat Kills Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis has emphasized the importance of living in a clean, sterile environment. Certainly, one often overlooked benefit of heat treatment in your home is the destruction of dangerous disease causing pathogens like coronavirus. Heat kills coronavirus. Beyond killing bed bugs, our proven heat elimination system reaches temperatures so high for such a prolonged period of time that nothing infectious stands a chance of surviving. And so, as with bed bugs, our proven heat elimination treatment system will destroy any infectious agent living or virus. However, heat treatment is not officially recommended to kill germs.

How Does Heat Kill Pathogens?

Just like when we cook our food, heat denatures the protein coating that protects the virus and breaks it down. Specifically, it is this very protein cover that allows the virus to infect us. And so, if we destroy it, the virus may no longer infect us.

Will My Dryer Kill Germs?

According to WebMD, you can kill germs while doing your laundry by washing in hot water and drying for at least forty-five minutes. 

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