How Do You Get Bed bugs?

Ew! I get chills just thinking about them! Bed bugs are the worst. But how do you get them? Well, it might surprise you to know that these critters can live anywhere. They don’t prefer clean environments or dirty ones. Bed bugs live on one thing; human blood.

Since these disgusting little creatures can live so long without a meal (up to one year), they can hide out for a long time. They are the best hitchhikers as well.

To Put It Simply, They Get A Ride From You

Have you recently stayed in a hotel? Visited a courthouse? Truth be told, they can be everywhere. A great practice would be checking hotel pillows, sheets, and mattresses when you arrive. Always check your luggage when you leave too.

Have the kiddos recently stayed the night at a friends house? Yep, they travel like that as well. Where are you getting them from? They crawl into your sleeping bag, your shoes, your socks, and they come home with you. Then they set up a nice little nest everywhere.
So, how did you end up with these parasites? now you know.

I Just Got The Chills Again

Luckily, it’s not hard to get rid of them. Kansas Bed Bugs uses a special heat treatment that warms your entire house. By bringing the temperature of everything up, there is no where that the pests can run and hide. One heat treatment from us is all you need. Prior to your treatment we will give you a preparation checklist. This will make sure your belongings and home are safe from the heat. It will also serve to ensure that the treatment is effective.

So call Kansas Bed Bugs Today today to get those “EW WHAT IS THAT?!” gross little bedbugs out of your home.