How Heaters Kill Covid

While we have seen everything from mild symptoms to much more serious cases, we do have data to show that heat can kill Covid. Information coming from has poured over the evidence and procedures for how heaters kill covid.

How Hot Does It Have To Be?

It’s been long known that high temperatures kill coronaviruses. Further evidence shows that viruses inactivate faster as temperatures and humidity rise on surfaces. There are some varying factors in play though. For instance, how much of the virus that is present as well as the type of surface.

Reading The Data

According to lead researchers, the viruses are killed around 65 degrees Celsius, or 149 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. They also noted that lower temperature may be used for longer periods of time. This will have the same effect. For instance, 50-55 degrees Celsius (122-131 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes.
There are further studies in other publications to back this data up. Lancet Microbe published an article themselves. They discovered that high amounts of coronaviruses could be killed in high temperatures of 158 degrees F after 5 minutes.
Applied physics did the same study and got similar results after only two and a half minutes.
Emerging Infectious Disease experts found that heat could be used to sterilized N95 masks.

What This Means For You

A lot of people are using higher temperature activities in their everyday lives to help curb the spread of Covid 19. Things like washing laundry at higher temperatures, and the ways they prepare their food. Another great way is hiring a bed bug extermination company that uses heat treatments. These treatments increase the temperature of your home to such degrees that coronaviruses cannot survive.
If you have any questions about using heat treatments on your home, call Kansas Bed Bugs today.