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Why Kansas Bed Bug heat Treatment Is The Best

Although Kansas bed bugs seem to be the fear of almost every homeowner, you do not have to worry about them. Kansas Bed Bugs, LLC has the most effect bed bug removal process. Our heat treatment is the best option for you in Kansas because of the following three reasons.

Heat Works on the Entire Home

Insecticides and powders may seem thorough, but they simply cannot get to every nook and cranny of a home. These chemicals can also be harmful to family and pets. Not only can they not reach everywhere, but they can leave behind some harmful effects of their own. Heat reaches throughout the entire building, making bed bugs leave their hiding places as they sense the heat and killing them in a matter of hours.

Heat Gets Around Insecticide Resistance

Some bed bugs become resistant to insecticides. They can even survive up to a year without a meal! But the one thing they can’t stand is heat. A heat treatment works even on resistant bugs because all Kansas bed bugs die from excessive heat.

Heat Is Natural and Safe

Unlike insecticides that may be dangerous for some pets and children to be around, our bed bug removal treatment is safe. It requires neither chemicals nor fumigation and does not harm the earth’s ozone layer. Additionally, heat will dissipate from your home or business quickly.
A heat treatment for Kansas bed bugs can give you peace of mind. Treatments are fast and effective and will not damage your home or belongings. Call us today for more information on Kansas Bed Bug Heat Treatment or to schedule and appointment.