How To Kill Bed Bugs In Hotels And Other Large Facilities

Hotels, motels, AirBNB’s, apartment buildings, and other large residential dwellings are more prone to bed bugs. Why is this? Well if you understand how bed bugs travel, then you will have some idea. Bed bugs are the worlds greatest hitchhikers. They don’t ask for a ride. They just take one. So when you travel anywhere, you have the potential to pick them up and take them with you. Whether that is in your clothing, purse, luggage, or any other item you may carry. Bed bugs live on blood, and due to this, they will go wherever they have to to get it.
When you are talking about hotels, motels, and other travel stops, there is a higher risk of infestation. This is because of the high amount of traffic these places see. And because they are so large, there are more places to hide. When you are talking about killing bed bugs in a single room or single family home, that is a much simpler task. To kill bed bugs in hotels and larger locations is a bit more challenging.

Finding Them First

If you operate a hotel, the first thing you are going to want to do is look for signs of bed bugs. When you are changing the linens and cleaning rooms in between guests, looks for small red dots, or blood stains, on sheets and mattresses. This will be a clear indication of a bed bug infestation. Because the bed bugs are feeding, your guests will have bled on your things. As uncomfortable as that may sound, it doesn’t have to be a reason to panic.
Now most people would assume that a treatment for a large area would mean that you have to spread chemicals everywhere. This simply isn’t true. Using heat to kill bed bugs in motels and apartment buildings is not only the most effective way to rid an infestation, but also the fastest.

Using Heat In Your Hotel

By heating up the building to a temperature of 135 degrees, and then maintaining it for a period of several hours, bed bugs die on the spot. If you were to try and treat just one room, they would simply run to the next room over. Heat as an extermination method not only kills bed bugs and their eggs on the spot, it also prevents them from having anywhere to hide. This is because heat will penetrate every surface, including places that are out of reach to humans.

Contact An Expert

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