Currently, bed bugs are a problem in Kansas. As a result, we need to know the signs and treatment of be bug bites. To complicate things, most bug bites have things in common. And so, it is sometimes difficult to know if you have a problem until there is a full blown infestation. But, there are some common sense things we can understand that help us to know if we may have a problem. The location of the bites along with frequency and manifestation will tell us what we need to know when we are dealing with these creepy little creatures.

Signs and Treatment of Bed Bug Bites

To protect ourselves and those in our homes, we need to understand the signs and treatment of bed bug bites.

Look for This – Don’t panic! Certainly, most bites are not from bed bugs. But, if you notice several and recurrent bites in locations like your waistline or stomach, you likely have a problem. Have a look at the image attached and understand that if nothing is done this is quickly going to be your reality.

Treatment Options – The only way to remove bed bugs from your home is to have a professional service remove them for you. At this time, no effective do-it-yourself method is available. And so, the only option is to call for professional treatment.

If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, contact Kansas Bed Bugs. Our trained technicians will give your home a complete evaluation. If bed bugs are found, we will remove them with our proven heat elimination treatment.