Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

To find these tiny pests, most people inspect their beds before anything else. However, keep in mind that bed bugs will settle down in just about any area. They do not have a preference for clean or dirty places, altho clutter may help conceal them. Bed Bugs are hitchhikers, so they may be picked up from anywhere. Due to their ability to live up to a year without a blood meal, they may hide anywhere until the time is right. Just waiting for a new host to pick them up and take them home. They have also developed an immunity to nearly every pesticide used to kill them and can reproduce and infest quickly. 


There Are More Bed Bug Living Spaces Than You Think

Mattresses and box springs aren’t the only items that they will infest. Look under the cushions on your couches, and check behind any picture frames that are inside the affected room. Chances are you’ll discover bed bugs, fecal matter and eggs.

They Go Where You Go

Like people who carpool with their neighbors, bed bugs get from point A to point B by catching free rides with unsuspecting people. Based on this fact, an infestation can easily develop in your home if you often allow friends and family members to visit you. Bed bugs have a tendency to rest inside suitcases and on clothes. This explains why you can also encounter these blood-thirsty insects at hotels.

Most Bed Bug Living Spaces Are Near You

Bedbugs need a reliable source of food to survive. Since they have a big appetite for blood meals, they like living close to their prey, which can be you or your pet. Hence, their favorite hideouts include the mattresses you sleep on, the picture frames by your bed and the couches at hotels. So, where do bed bugs live? The answer is everywhere! You’re going to need the best bed bug exterminator in Kansas. Contact Kansas Bed Bugs for more information.